Testimonials From Our Patients in Grand Forks, ND

”Great Service. Staff always helpful. They have helped a lot of my friends. It’s made a big difference for me, my work, my wife and family.”
Arlyn Pearson, Grand Forks, ND
”I absolutely could not function without my hearing aids and am very satisfied and pleased with the service provided at Wakefield Hearing Center. They have done everything they possibly could to help me hear better.”
Shirley Ness, Hatton, ND
”Without good quality hearing aids, I simply could not function in the position
of being an extension agent for Grand Forks County.”

Willie Huot, Grand Forks, ND
”I would be lost without my hearing aids in the classroom and around family
and friends. I am more confident interacting with the public.”

Arnie Johnson
”I could not function in the classroom, at meetings or adequately hear in family
gatherings without my hearing aids.”

Mary Ann Votava, Grand Forks, ND
”I am very happy with my hearing aids and could not get along without them. They have made a huge difference in my life both professionally and socially. I am very pleased with the service I get from all the staff at Wakefield Hearing Center.”

Pastor Bob Ludwig, Roseau, ND
”Without hearing aids, I might as well not be able to hear at all. With hearing aids,
I get along well. I wouldn't be without them.”

Dr. Paul Wright, Grand Forks, ND
“It’s absolutely amazing how well I can hear with my hearing aids and how little I hear without them”

Gerald Leonard, Pembina ND
Wakefield Hearing Center:
2514 S Washington St, Grand Forks, ND 58201
Phone Number: 701-746-7000
Email Address: info@wakefieldhearing.com